An idea formed in the dark recesses of the minds of Travis Tarpley and Shane McKenzie, in that place where only mushrooms grow. A publishing company that puts out books that freak, horrify, terrify, petrify, appall, shock , startle, stun, dismay and in general scare the pants off of people; mostly themselves. Then a strange thing happened, people bought the books. Then a stranger thing happened, Shane wrote books of his own and people bought them too. So Shane left on his own dark quest to pursue his own mushroom growing ideas. So now based somewhere near Austin, Texas; in a small room with a barking dog  and  run by Travis Tarpley, Tristan Thorne and Matt Worthington,comes the risen oddity that you now see. We want to give the horror fan something they will be proud to spend their hard-earned money on. And we still want our books to be the razor blades that bury into the flesh of your face and slice open a smile. We want to give the true horror fan exactly what they’ve been looking for. So look no further, you sick bastards. We’re here………or at least that’s how we remember it.

We also make Science Fiction and Fantasy now!


“Stories that’ll carve a smile on your face…”



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